[Matroska-devel] Matroska in RealPlayer

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Jan 12 09:29:57 CET 2004

Cool, so we should work together then (after I have done the Chapter 
flags handling in Matroska Splitter). I really want this thing to happen :)

Jory wrote:

> I would be very interested in this.
> I recently created a mka muxer for spyder's API/framework and I designed it
> to be very
> reusable, so the hardest part would be finding out how to link to the Helix
> Producer API :)
> I have already agreed to most of the needed licenses for Helix from when I
> was looking for RM file format specs. And still have a checkout of the CVS,
> (though it's a bit old).
> Jory
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>>You all know that one of the thing we're missing now is support from an
>>industry leader. That would help us go on and make Matroska a known and
>>trusted alternative to AVI.
>>Now it seems that it could come from the side of Real Networks. Karl
>>Lillevold from Real said this on Doom9 :
>>"It would be fantastic if someone wrote a Matroska file-writer plugin
>>for Producer. I am pretty sure we would then distribute this file-writer
>>with Milestone builds of Helix Producer 10."
>>So I think we should try to spend some time there !!!
>>"If there is a volunteer, I would be more than happy to assist as much
>>as I can, even though I will have to forward many questions to the
>>Producer team."
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