[Matroska-devel] Matroska in RealPlayer

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Jan 11 10:45:44 CET 2004

Apparently there are different kinds of licenses for adding code in the 
Helix platform.


I don't understand if you have to choose a license or not. But if so, it 
seems that the RPSL is a very good choice :

"RealNetworks Public Source License (RPSL) - no-cost copyleft open 
source license which requires your entire application to be open sourced."

"This license has been approved by the Open Source Initiative as an open 
source license.  It contains some "copyleft" provisions along the lines 
of the GPL, but also clears up patent issues and allows contributed 
changes to be put back into the pool for the entire community.  Hence, 
the RPSL gives you the right to develop and distribute Helix DNA, but 
modifications to the Helix DNA itself need to be supplied back to the 
community under the RPSL.  Also, applications built using the Helix DNA 
must be released wholly as open source."

So I assume it's *very* compatible with the QPL license in 
libmatroska/libebml that states that the application has to be open 
sourced too.

Now I hope we don't have to make libmatroska/libebml RSPL too... Well, 
we could use a triple-license, instead of the current dual-license 
state... But I think we don't need to change this way :


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