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René Koch renekoch at e-divx.at
Sat Jan 3 16:12:49 CET 2004

Hey guys!

If you decide to make a simple menu system and later an advanced one it
should (or better must) be so that the simple menu must also work when the
advaced one is implemented because many user will make a backup with a
simple menu and if you change it so that this menu won't work later it makes
more sence to implement the complete menu system.
Just think about it.


> Guys,
> i thought about this recently, and referring to the discussion on IRC
> lately if we should wait with the 1.0 specs until menues are at least
> specified ( even if implemented later ). What you think of the following
> idea :
> Lets implement a 'simple' menue system and 'basic' control tracks for
> the 1.0 specs, and lets look at the DVD menues very closely for that.
> After all, they should meanwhile not be protected anymore as the DVD
> system is almost 15 years old now ( not real units, but at least the
> specs ), so i dont think the industry is looking very closely at who is
> implementing it without paying the licenses. Lets not forget, any
> Windows OS is coming with by default with a DShow implementation for the
> DVD menue, maybe we could even use the existing DShow fiter that way ?
> A more advanced menue system could follow later then, with the 2.0
> specs, and i even think it wouldnt hurt if this menue system would not
> be based on the 1.0 version, but be a complete starting over from
> scratch. After all, the possibility to mux a complete DVD into a single,
> huge matroska file, then maybe use the splitting feature in mkvmerge to
> split a 8 GB file into two 4 GB files to be able to burn them on
> DVD-R's, without changing anything in the DVD itself. As soon as spyder
> has the MPEG2 video muxing done, only the menues are missing for that,
> as all audio formats ( AC3, DTS, MP2, PCM ) are already supported in MKV.
> The biggest argument for DVD users to look at matroska for
> editing/intermediate storage was of course if we were able to make
> VirtualdubMod edit MKV files with MPEG2 video. I am maybe not telling
> you this often enough, but without VdubMod supporting MKV, matroska
> would not be as popular as it is . mkvmerge may be the most important
> tool for MKV creation amongst the Pro's, but the average matroska user
> is still very focussed on VirtualdubMod, and the fact that matroska
> files can be edited cant be weighed in gold. Cyrius, would MPEG2 editing
> in MKV be possible, mayb even with preview ?
> What does everbody think of the idea to make a 'simple' menue spec based
> on the DVD specs, for the 1.0 matroska release ?
> Best regards
> Christian
> Steve Lhomme wrote:
> > I'm going to spend some time in the near future to check the DVD menu
> > specs (Pamel sent me a paying site where there could be usefull
> > informations).
> > I found this tool that may be a good indication on what is possible
> > with DVD menus :
> > http://menuedit.dimad.net/home.html
> > BTW, we will probably have to do a tool DVD menus to the Matroska menu
> > format. So we will probably have to code the whole parser for DVD
> > menus at some point. Apparently there is no such thing existing as an
> > open source code. But does anyone have info on this ? Maybe on VLC or
> > MPlayer  they have this ? I'm sure we could get more help from the
> > CoreCodec team or Gabest as they probably would benefit from such code
> > too to read DVDs in a better way.
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