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Thu Dec 30 20:39:39 CET 2004


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> what exactly is 'snow' ? Are there any docs, so we can start adding 
> support for it in matroska container ?

Apparently it's a new codec:


but I simply cannot find any documentation.

> Could you consider using matroska 
> instead of NUT for your purpose, or is it too 'Windows-centric' for you ?

I know there's a lot of competition between OGM/MKV/OGG/NUT/etc,
but I'm an agnostic, I want to give people choice :)

I'm writing plugins for the LiVES video editor, and I have written
plugins using various codecs and containers, including dixv/xvid+vorbis
stuffed in a Matroska container:


I really do like Matroska, although I do sometimes have problems
with a/v sync and I have to manually specify the delay (using the
"--sync" option in mkvmerge, or the "-D" option in my
plugin). I've noticed that OGM also has some a/v issues (using
ogmmerge), but it's more noticeable when using mkvmerge
(admittedly, this is probably more an issue of mkvmerge than
Matroska itself).  On the other hand, I've found that mjpegtools
(creates MPG files) and the theora encoder (OGG container) have
better a/v sync. That's just my experience so far, though.

> Please note that we have perfect Vorbis in MKV support on all platforms, 
> including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

I know, the plugin I wrote for it works very well (LiVES only
seems to work on unix flavours, though).

BTW, LiVES might make it into Debian with an appropriate 100%
free subset of the encoders. Since patents are also an issue
that pretty much narrows it down to Theora/Vorbis/OGG. However, if
Matroska can contain Theora/Vorbis streams I would definately
consider making a plugin and suggesting that it be included into
the Debian package.


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