[Matroska-devel] mmg.exe 2 Bugs Related to Charset

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Wed Dec 29 15:16:11 CET 2004

"Jory Stone" <jcsston at jory.info> wrote:

Hi, thanks for your great work.
With CoreFLAC 0.3 I was always having trouble that I was not 
able to rewind the file when it is finished, but 0.4 has fixed 
my problem. I like it very much.

> The official CoreFLAC doesn't support Unicode filenames simply due to the 
> fact the libflac doesn't. I did create a version of CoreFLAC that did 
> support Unicode, by using the File Source filter, but libflac randomly would 
> crash for no apparent reason.

Well, let me make one thing clear, just in case.
I'm reporting 2 different problems:
one is Unicode-related and the other is not:

(1) Not being able to open Unicode filename is, not a VERY big 
problem. Many apps can't either.

(2) CoreFLAC does not support 'usual' non-unicode filenames, 
either (i.e. Windows Codepage; MS-DOS compatible, old thing)

Most apps can handle SHIFT_JIS filenames if the system default 
code page is SHIFT_JIS. But CoreFLAC can't.

So if libflac is problematic, it has 2 different problems:
(1) It doesnt support Unicode.
(2) It doesnt support Multibyte charcter sets.

To solve (1) basically everything should be in WCHAR,
and as you know much better than I, even an ascii alphabet 'a' 
will be 2-byte in WCHAR.

(2) can be solved without supporting Unicode,
by just seeing a MB char = 2 Ascii chars.
In that case ascii 'a' is 'a'
There are some tricks like sometimes the 2nd half of the MB char 
is '\\', but solving (2) should be easier than solving (1).
Because there's no need for a radical change.


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