[Matroska-devel] mmg.exe 2 Bugs Related to Charset

Christophe PARIS christophe.paris at free.fr
Wed Dec 29 12:55:19 CET 2004

Liisachan wrote:

>As a side note, as I poseted in HA, CoreFLAC can't even open a 
>file if the filename is in Chinese/Japanese/Korean etc.
>illiminable's filters have the same problem...
>CoreVorbis and CoreAAC have the same problem...
>(Hope CoreWavpack wont)

CoreVorbis and CoreAAC don't know anything about the filename, it's 
handled by filters connected before them.

For example TTA DS shouldn't have any problems when playing .tta file 
because it use :
File Source -> TTA Splitter -> TTA Decoder ...
As long as Windows File Source filter handle the filename correctly of 

For CoreFLAC reading .flac files, I think it's a bit different as it is 
used as a source filter in this case.
So it's the job of CoreFLAC to handle the filename, and it should be fixed.

Regards, Toff

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