[Matroska-devel] mmg.exe 2 Bugs Related to Charset

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Wed Dec 29 11:04:27 CET 2004


Ok, I'll talk about what's happening on Windows:

mkvmerge works fine with the default charset,
and it works fine ONLY with the default charset,
it doesnt work with the commandline in UTF-8.

The only charset mkvmerge can use as commandline is the default 
charset. I don't see any reasons MMG doesnt do the same.

Actually, --comannd-line-charset is almost meaningless for 
Windows users, especially if the default charset is a MBCS.

similarly, you cannot copy-and-paste Unicode strings to MMG's 
editboxes. (You cannot copy-and-paste Arabic and French mix, for 

So, in this sense, it's meaningless for MMG to use UTF-8.
The only charset that you can use on MMG is the default charset.
Converting the default charset to/from UTF-8 won't increase what 
you can do.

However, in total, using UTF-8 is meaningful, for instance for 
the chapter data, cue sheet, etc etc.

> > (3) Solution...
> > A. First, like older versions, MMG should customize/disable 
> > "--command-line-charset"
> > When uncheck --command-line-charset, it uses the default charset 
> > defined by the user's locale.
> That caused very uncool problems, too.

I don't think so.
Like I said, the only charset that really works is the defualt 
charset. So there should be at least the "Use the default 
charset for commandline" checkbox.

Probably no Windows users will be in trouble even if 
MMG/MKVMerge can't handle commandlines in UTF-8 (rather, they 
don't need that)

Some Windows users will be happier, if MMG can handle the 
default charset as commandline (because, then, they can copy and 
paste it)

Here I'm thinking only about Windows. So you may be right, to 
make this x-platform.

> Maybe I should just disable the "copy to clipboard" function and only
> keep the "create option file" option.

In that case, you should also remove the "command line" editbox.
users think they can copy and paste from there, but like i 
said, they can't if the locale is MBCS and the edit box is in 

Again, is there any reason that you don't want to copy data to 
Clipboard using the default charset?

If it does not use Unicode--

> Neither mmg nor mkvmerge uses Unicode internally.

--then, it should pass the data to Clipboard without using 

On Windows, no one will be happy if the data in Clipboard is in 
UTF-8. (UTF-16 would be another story tho)


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