[Matroska-devel] Status Quo of new features

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Mon Dec 27 15:44:51 CET 2004


> Biggest Problem : Support on Linux players :( ..... maybe VLC could be
> the best option ? Or Xine ?

Either one of those, but definitely not mplayer ;)

> *2. MPEG 1/2 :*
> *To-Do* : MPEG PS parser

I wanted to work on that a bit, taking ideas from bbdemux.

> *3. H.264 :*
> Mosu added experimental code to mkvmerge, reading AVC / h.264 from MP4 
> files. It worked for some members and users, who successfully muxed some 
> MP4 AVC files created by Nero Recode.

Problem is that Haali does not know why Nero's decoder frells the
timestamps, and other decoders are not ready yet (if I understood him

My problem is that I'm trying to get the AR information from the
bitstream, and this proves to be way more difficult than it was with
MPEG 4 layer 2.

> *4. Wavpack 4 :*
> robux4 wrote the first patch for this last week, he alone did test it so 
> far.

I've only tested muxing a bit, but nothing more. Steve has sent me a
couple of patches, and I'm about to apply the latest one tonight.

> *Still Pending :*
> - new pack with Haali's splitter and a wavpack decoder

>From user feedback on doom9.org (yes, I still go there) it seems like
there are still a couple of problems for which Gabest's splitter works
better than Haali's:


Yong: "This matroska splitter can't "split" the FLAC audio format..."

Shinobu: "any chance to get the autoloading of subtitle works ?
i also have some seeking lags (not cpu problem) and strange sound bug
when seek with AAC+.
i've none of these bugs with gabest splitter.
also your splitter doesn't seems to realy work on 98/me, do you plan to
devel that ?"

> - super chapters ( = former control tracks ) plus enhanced super chapter 
> editor in mmg and amg


> - native MPEG4 with correct b-frame handling ( status ? )

I could start working on that again. Playback in mplayer should work now
(due to my changes for MPEG 2 playback ;), but I still haven't gotten
the bitstream-frame-separation done.

Some things that are missing/have to be worked on in mkvtoolnix:

- support for concatenating files in mmg (not mkvmerge, that part is
  working more or less -- here I need feedback before I continue working
  on it);
- native MPEG 4 layer 2 (IMHO not THAT important);
- finish WavPack support (should be soon with Steve's work);
- MPEG 1 / 2 PS demuxing (IMHO not THAT difficult juding from bbdemux'

My problem is that I don't have a lot of free time until the end of
January at least. I'll see how much I can get done, though.


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