[Matroska-devel] Re: Status Quo of new features

Jory Stone jcsston at jory.info
Mon Dec 27 13:19:39 CET 2004

Would we create a new subtitle format to store the DV timestamp/codes?
That is the biggest problem I see, and the fact that splitters will need to 
be able to decode the audio and remux all 3 back together before outputting 
it to the DV decoder.


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Paul Bryson a écrit :
> "Steve Lhomme" wrote...
>>>- DV ( camcorder, lossy compression ) support, type 1 ( a +v = 1 stream ) 
>>>and 2 ( a , a+v : 2 streams ); mainly some AVI parsing and defining how 
>>>to handle the embedded audio stream ( AVI has to repeat the PCM WAV audio 
>>>stream --> ENORMOUS overhead )
>>As I've worked on MTX a bit, I think I could be able to add DV support 
>>too. Actually we would store the audio and video in separate tracks, not 
>>using the complex type, since the DV format is known we can demux it.
> DV is strange because if you encode only video to DV, it still uses the 
> same space for the PCM, but it marks it as no audio.  It would be possible 
> to store just the video frame data, but the splitter would need to 
> recreate Video + Null Audio stream on playback for anything to be able to 
> use it.  If I recall correctly, it basically uses something like JPEG 
> images for the video, very similar to MJPEG video.  I know we all have 
> visions of using DV video with Wavpack audio without having to store all 
> of that silly PCM overhead.

As long as all data needed to reconstruct the video is present in
Matroska, that's fine.

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