[Matroska-devel] Status Quo of new features

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Dec 27 11:01:10 CET 2004


i just thought i make a short overview of what will be coming shortly, 
so everyone reading the list is aware :

*1. Menues : *

Latest Version of robux4's DVDMenuXtractor creates XML files that can be 
read by mkvtoolnix dev branch, files with menues can be muxed fine already.

*To-Do* : Some bug fixing, the rest is mainly playback related. Haali 
has to update his splitter and someone ( also Haali ? ) has to make a 
MKV menue navigator filter ; Biggest Problem : Support on Linux players 
:( ..... maybe VLC could be the best option ? Or Xine ?

*2. MPEG 1/2 :*

spyder's code is already in mkvmerge SVN and muxing of MPEG 1/2 ES 
streams works. Read for releasing i would dare to say, no bugs found in 
my last test files.

*To-Do* : MPEG PS parser

*3. H.264 :*

Mosu added experimental code to mkvmerge, reading AVC / h.264 from MP4 
files. It worked for some members and users, who successfully muxed some 
MP4 AVC files created by Nero Recode.

*To-Do* : Defining if this way of muxing should be the way to go ; more 
testing, bug fixing, also with files from other encoders ; muxing of 
h.264 from MPG container ( Cyberlink, Mainconcept encoders )

*4. Wavpack 4 :*

robux4 wrote the first patch for this last week, he alone did test it so 

*To-Do* :  Decide about the way to go for playback : Using Radlight 
filter ( included in our packs :O ?? ) or bug Toff about a CoreWavpack ? 
Is there a packet decoder for fb2k ? Who can update the fb2k plugin ?

*Still Pending :*

- new pack with Haali's splitter and a wavpack decoder
- super chapters ( = former control tracks ) plus enhanced super chapter 
editor in mmg and amg
- USF support
- DV ( camcorder, lossy compression ) support, type 1 ( a +v = 1 stream 
) and 2 ( a , a+v : 2 streams ); mainly some AVI parsing and defining 
how to handle the embedded audio stream ( AVI has to repeat the PCM WAV 
audio stream --> ENORMOUS overhead )
- native MPEG4 with correct b-frame handling ( status ? )
- menue support in TCMP5
- Gstreamer muxer update
- MPC muxing ( ever ? )
- NLE video editor based on Gstreamer ( project exists ! )
- codec API, on top of Gstreamer

Did i miss anything ? Guys, we have come a real long way together. It's 
big  fun being in the team, lets hope everything will work out as we 
planned it.


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