[usf-devel] [Matroska-devel] Re: Final call : USF muxing in MKV, and playbackon DShow and Gstreamer

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Dec 8 22:21:23 CET 2004

Liisachan a écrit :
> this either-or is actually not very logical,
> because (1) is a bug fix while (2) is a new feature;
> besides, it is not a given that USF doesn't work on Win98.

I said the same to Christian.

> OGM has its own practical forte altho it also has a lot of 
> downsides compared to MKV. For one thing, from the users' side, 
> OGM has better multi-audio support...(always easy to switch: Yes, 
> I know the same thing is easy with MKV too if you are using 
> MPC etc.)... not only the VSFilter problems.

That one will vanish when Haali's splitter will become the official one.

> (b) when you want to mux RV40
> - if you want to use OGM, you'll just find it's impossible
> - if you use MKV, it's possible but there will be a certain 
> amount of unsureness about replayability (Like, is this OK on 
> Mac?)

Indeed it's a big pb. We have told Real about this problem. Not that 
they care about pirate stuff. But in the end ppl will hate them for 
being so close-minded and use competitors instead. I personally won't 
encode in RV until this issue is solved (if ever).

> * S_SSA to S_TEXT/SSA (And Gabest's filters still support S_SSA 
> while Haali's version doesnt)
> * New Lacing System (We found that older filters couldnt play 
> nerwer files)
> * new '64-bit type' (ditto)

Well, the problem is spreading softwares with bugs (not spec compliant) 
and not being able to fix them (because of Gabest). VLC or other players 
never had any problems with 64-bits floats.

Hopefully once we have the menu done and clean Wavpack support, the 
specs will be frozen. And we won't be the ones to blame if a software 
doesn't respect them.

> ps. it is too bad that MKV and the doom9 forum don't mix
> mainly just because a certain mod prefers OGM. everything will 
> change anyway sooner or later tho

Things are getting harder on this side. The OGM zealot is still mod and 
alexnoe and Christian are banned. So we'll probably just move somewhere 
else. Users with questions can reach us by so many other means than Doom9...

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