[Matroska-devel] Re: Final call : USF muxing in MKV, and playback on DShow and Gstreamer

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Wed Dec 8 16:18:04 CET 2004

Liisachan wrote:
> USF specs are getting brilliant, but what about real support?
> Unmei's rasterizer supported RUBY, but it seems that
> we still have a long way to "translate" it into DSFilter.
> I was not not trying to be mean; I really felt insecure about it.
I think we can have an easier implementation by using bitmap subs.
Not the ugly vobsubs, but real argb images compressed with smth
like huffyuv. It shouldnt be too hard for Unmei to write such an
avi file and then mux into matroska.

But to do this we need to decide something about vsfilter. I've
recently bumped into a couple other vsfilter deficiencies.
Of course I'll try to contact Gabest, but I'm not sure about the
results. Wouldn't it be better to roll our own subtitling filter?
Unfortunately I don't know who is going to write it, as I am
somewhat busy recently.

Btw, did anyone try Radlight's subtitler? Is it working?


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