[Matroska-devel] need a more comprehensive package

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Dec 2 09:53:38 CET 2004


This list is for developpers. There is a list for users with a lot info 
on the problem you are talking about.

We *do* have a pack with all the filters you need. A quick look at our 
download page will help you.


For WMP, you need the matrix mixer. Maybe WMP10 allows native audio 
stream switching.

Chris Jairrels a écrit :
> I like this file format which I have suddenly ran across, I like that I 
> have so many options with it. But I had quite a hard time finding all 
> the files I needed to get windows to play the file the way I wanted to. 
> My files had dual audio/subtitles and I heard two languages spoken at 
> once(no defaults?) in WMP and there seemed to be no immediately 
> available filter or download for it on the front pages.
>  I’ll keep looking for an all in one package(I ended up removing the 
> audio track), but I think a better job can be done of providing a 
> download package that covers all the bases of the different 
> formats/features you support since so many people use various 
> combinations of vid and audio formats. This would be good for the 
> uninitiated or computer un-savvy.
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