[Matroska-devel] need a more comprehensive package

Chris Jairrels chrisj78 at ctvea.net
Thu Dec 2 08:22:26 CET 2004

I like this file format which I have suddenly ran across, I like that I have
so many options with it. But I had quite a hard time finding all the files I
needed to get windows to play the file the way I wanted to. My files had
dual audio/subtitles and I heard two languages spoken at once(no defaults?)
in WMP and there seemed to be no immediately available filter or download
for it on the front pages.


 I'll keep looking for an all in one package(I ended up removing the audio
track), but I think a better job can be done of providing a download package
that covers all the bases of the different formats/features you support
since so many people use various combinations of vid and audio formats. This
would be good for the uninitiated or computer un-savvy.

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