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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Aug 27 12:51:16 CEST 2004

Moritz Bunkus a écrit :

> Hi,
> I'm looking at the tag specs & examples at the moment, and there are
> some issues.
> In the "One file with all DVDs" example
> Tags 
>   Tag (about the season) 
>     Targets (no target means the whole content of the file, otherwise
>              you can put all matching ChapterUIDs)
>       TargetTypeValue = "40"
>       TargetType = "SEASON"
> This should be 'TargetTypeValue = "50"', right?


> Same example, same tag:
>       SimpleTag (note there is no TOTAL_NUMBER of seasons as the series
>                  is not stopped)
>         TagName = "PART_NUMBER"
>         TagString = "1"
>       SimpleTag (the number of episodes) 
>         TagName = "TOTAL_NUMBER"
>         TagString = "8"
> First, in the specs there is no "TOTAL_NUMBER" element, only a
> "TOTAL_PARTS" element. Second, the usage of PART_NUMBER and TOTAL_NUMBER


> is either wrong in the example or VERY bogus in the specs. The specs
> say:
> TOTAL_PARTS     UTF-8   Total number of parts of the current
> level. (e.g. if TargetType is ALBUM, the total number of tracks of an
> audio CD)
> PART_NUMBER  UTF-8      Number of the current part of the current
> level. (e.g. the track number of an audio CD)
> Ok, so the use of these two elements is correct if I understand it
> correctly. It's just a bit misleading. Maybe you should add the
> TargetType = "TRACK" to the PART_NUMBER specs?

Yup. I'll see if I can be more specific about the relation between 

> The rest looks fine, too. I haven't checked the chapter UIDs ;)
>>From what I can see the usage of TargetTypeValue is ok. Maybe we should
> drop TargetType again as it only confuses matters... Even if it IS
> informal, it might be present, and no application reading the tags will
> use it because TTV is the one to look for.

It should be used to display the kind of element it is in a UI. For 
example in a video tagger value 40 can be a MOVIE or an EPISODE, or 
level 30 can be a TRACK or a CHAPTER. And it would be nice to know. The 
other alternative would be to have a SubValue with the Value to get this 

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