[Matroska-devel] Tags

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Fri Aug 27 12:23:54 CEST 2004


I'm looking at the tag specs & examples at the moment, and there are
some issues.

In the "One file with all DVDs" example

  Tag (about the season) 
    Targets (no target means the whole content of the file, otherwise
             you can put all matching ChapterUIDs)
      TargetTypeValue = "40"
      TargetType = "SEASON"

This should be 'TargetTypeValue = "50"', right?

Same example, same tag:

      SimpleTag (note there is no TOTAL_NUMBER of seasons as the series
                 is not stopped)
        TagName = "PART_NUMBER"
        TagString = "1"
      SimpleTag (the number of episodes) 
        TagName = "TOTAL_NUMBER"
        TagString = "8"

First, in the specs there is no "TOTAL_NUMBER" element, only a
"TOTAL_PARTS" element. Second, the usage of PART_NUMBER and TOTAL_NUMBER
is either wrong in the example or VERY bogus in the specs. The specs

TOTAL_PARTS     UTF-8   Total number of parts of the current
level. (e.g. if TargetType is ALBUM, the total number of tracks of an
audio CD)

PART_NUMBER  UTF-8      Number of the current part of the current
level. (e.g. the track number of an audio CD)

Ok, so the use of these two elements is correct if I understand it
correctly. It's just a bit misleading. Maybe you should add the
TargetType = "TRACK" to the PART_NUMBER specs?


The "basic" example is ok (easy enough ;)).


The rest looks fine, too. I haven't checked the chapter UIDs ;)

>From what I can see the usage of TargetTypeValue is ok. Maybe we should
drop TargetType again as it only confuses matters... Even if it IS
informal, it might be present, and no application reading the tags will
use it because TTV is the one to look for.

(No, mtx 0.9.5 does not contain support for TargetType)


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