[Matroska-devel] Re: Control tracks

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sat Aug 14 19:11:56 CEST 2004

Paul Bryson wrote:
> "Steve Lhomme" wrote...
>>Another idea for making the system even more powerful :
>>have the ability to hook the player.
> I'm  pretty sure that you want the player to handle everything from it.  At
> least in DirectShow, wouldn't it be a little b0rked to have a filter controlling
> everything?

Right now the question is now how it will be implemented but what we 
should support and how it could be stored in Matroska.

I was thinking about Flash this afternoon and it does all the things we 
want and (too) much more. For those who tried it, for each frame of a 
flash movie you can put some ActionScript that is a language that lets 
you do many things and handle all the aspects of a "movie" including 
having access to all elements and their properties.

In our case we need something smaller, even though being able to program 
a Picture In Picture with diname (the name that was chosen for the home 
made Control Track) would be sexy ;)

I think having a few commands, named variables and a way to handle the 
hooks, hotspots (like in DVDs) and conditional code would be far enough 
to handle most of what's needed to have the same basic functionalities 
of a DVD. I'll try to make a list of what's needed for each next week 
(if nobody starts one before I do)... Goldenear also told me if would 
soon publish a document of his ideas on a menu system.

One problem I was thinking of is the hooks... What happens when you skip 
to another part of the movie and some new hooks were programmed in 
between ? You just can't know easily. So I think hooks have some limits 
that we should take care of... I think there is no other solution than 
hooking the skip function when you have other hooks programmed, to 
enable/disable/handle when a skip/seek is done.

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