[Matroska-devel] New matroska packs - scope ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Aug 2 18:58:02 CEST 2004

Christophe PARIS a écrit :
> Something that would be great to fix is (from the todo page) :
> "MatroskaSplitter doesn't support partial file rendering (that mean MS 
> IGraphBuilder::RenderFile function fail, it should return 
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/archive/en-us/directx9_c/directx/htm/igraphbuilderrenderfile.asp 
> ), for example when you have a file with subtitles, you need to have 
> VSFilter installed even if you don't want to show the subtitles."
> This way the file will still play if you have 1 audio decoder, or 1 
> video decoder, and it will be easier for the user to see what's missing.

Yes indeed ! Do you know how to fix that ?

>> For the ffdshow build, there is a new stable release with many 
>> improvements, but unfortunately including FFvfw, a working MPEG4 VCM 
>> and dshow codec. For you as a reminder, we decided some weeks ago that 
>> we will not distribute such a codec with the pack, because we fear 
>> problems with license/copyright infringement from the holders of the 
>> MPEG4 patents.
> You can disable the encoders available in libavcodec.dll when you 
> compile it, but the problem is the GUI stuff, ffdshow just check for the 
> presence of libavcodec.dll to show encoders as available.
> So what would be great is that ffdshow do some more thorough checking to 
> show only the available encoder/decoder inside libavcodec.dll , that 
> would make the thing a lot more cleaner for the user.
> Also there is no file version number in ffdshow dlls, that would be 
> better to have some to avoid update problem, and also to have a lite 
> flag or something.

The FFDShow we distribute now doesn't include encoders ? Otherwise we 
should not care about this problem. And if adding the encoders are not 
too big, we should just put it in... I agree they should allow the 
option, and especially split them in different files.

>> For the Wavpack parser/decoder, somebody needs to make one first 
>> before we could inlcude it :D ! Anybody volunteering ? Toff  :-) ??
> We should probably finish the CDA-in-MKA stuff before. That's higher 
> priority in my opinion to one more lossless codec even if it's a great 
> one :)

I agree too.

About TTA, what is missing to have it working as the default codec in 
CD-in-MKA ?

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