[Matroska-devel] New matroska packs - scope ?

Christophe PARIS christophe.paris at free.fr
Mon Aug 2 18:46:41 CEST 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
> it seems that its time to launch new matroska packs in the next couple 
> of weeks. There have been some improvements to matroska lately, namely
> - TTA parser/decoder ( Toff )
> - new matroskademuxer ( Toff )

Something that would be great to fix is (from the todo page) :
"MatroskaSplitter doesn't support partial file rendering (that mean MS 
IGraphBuilder::RenderFile function fail, it should return 
), for example when you have a file with subtitles, you need to have 
VSFilter installed even if you don't want to show the subtitles."
This way the file will still play if you have 1 audio decoder, or 1 
video decoder, and it will be easier for the user to see what's missing.

> For the ffdshow build, there is a new stable release with many 
> improvements, but unfortunately including FFvfw, a working MPEG4 VCM and 
> dshow codec. For you as a reminder, we decided some weeks ago that we 
> will not distribute such a codec with the pack, because we fear problems 
> with license/copyright infringement from the holders of the MPEG4 patents.

You can disable the encoders available in libavcodec.dll when you 
compile it, but the problem is the GUI stuff, ffdshow just check for the 
presence of libavcodec.dll to show encoders as available.
So what would be great is that ffdshow do some more thorough checking to 
show only the available encoder/decoder inside libavcodec.dll , that 
would make the thing a lot more cleaner for the user.
Also there is no file version number in ffdshow dlls, that would be 
better to have some to avoid update problem, and also to have a lite 
flag or something.

> For the Wavpack parser/decoder, somebody needs to make one first before 
> we could inlcude it :D ! Anybody volunteering ? Toff  :-) ??

We should probably finish the CDA-in-MKA stuff before. That's higher 
priority in my opinion to one more lossless codec even if it's a great 
one :)


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