[Matroska-devel] The near future of matroska - where do we go now ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Oct 31 16:40:10 CET 2003

Hi guys,

i thought it time to hear your opinion about where we go with matroska 
in the near future. Here the open issues i see today :

- vobsub in mkv ( solved soon, muxing done, VLC/Mplayer playback done )

- vobsub playback on DirectShow ( Gabest :D ? )

- MPEG1/2 video in MKV

- MPEG1/2 video playback on DirectShow, mplayer and VLC

- Native MPEG4 MKV files encoding

- Native MPEG4 MKV files transmuxing from AVI/OGM, using sysKin's frame 
reader code

- USF in MKV

- Hardware support ( C parser library )

- Hardware profiles  ( together with Stefan )

- FFMPEG / libavcodec / Xine support ( C parser library )

- MPC SV8 support ?

- FLAC support

- Wavpack ( lossy/lossless audio codec ) support

- Theora video support

- Quicktime / Sorenson support ?? ( if ever )

- Control Tracks

- Menues

- Codec State ( resizing in the middle of the stream etc. )

Did i forget anything ??? If i didnt forget anything ..... this is 
actually enough for one year of work maybe, but what do we do after that 
:-) ??? Any ideas ?

Lets do a kind of brainstorming here on the list guys, tell me what you 
think ...

I still feel matroska needed an opensource video encoder/editor tool 
that was not based on Virtualdub like VirtualdubMod, such that handling 
of the MKVs based on timestamps would be possible. But, this would mean 
a lot of work, and a lot of help from new devs we needed to bring on 
board. We could maybe steal the codec API from the new upcoming FFMPEG 
0.5.x release, and the container API from mplayer G2, as suggested by 
Alex Bergeraszi from the mplayer core dev team. Still, it will take us a 
long while until we even had the same functionality as avs2matroska from 
DaveEL, this congenial tool that unfortunately never was finished, if we 
imply that we had to include means to use xvid.dll dynamically instead 
of statically, to avoid license problems.

Its brainstorming time ..... let your ideas flow .... and use the 'reply 
all' button on your mail client in any case ;) ...


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