[Matroska-devel] MPEG2 in MKV!

Gabest gabest at freemail.hu
Thu Oct 30 18:03:38 CET 2003

> Codec state should be what we are looking for I guess.  The codec won't
> to be reinitialized though, only fed the new sequence header.  We weren't
> planning on making an MPEG2 decoder.  It should be able to be fed to any
> mpeg2 video decoder.  I am not sure exactly how those work but Gabest
> know since MPC includes one ;)

There is a sequence header in the format block of the connection media type
(MPEG1VIDEOINFO::bSequenceHeader, MPEG2VIDEOINFO::dwSequenceHeader), but it
is only there to pass the width/height/framerate to the decoder initially
(otherwise it wouldn't be able to create its own output media type). This
and the following sequence headers are present in the data stream, just like
all the other packet types, and they are better to be in the stream because
that's what the decoders expect already. So, if it was put into a
'codecstate' element, then the splitter would have to mix it into the data
stream, but only if the stream is mpeg and not in other cases. This sounds
very unclean to me.

Btw, if anyone has a downloadable sample of mkv with vobsub or mpeg inside,
I'd like to test them sometime in the weekend :)

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