[Matroska-devel] MPEG2 in MKV!

spyder spyder at matroska.org
Thu Oct 30 01:11:22 CET 2003


I finally finished this code and it seems to be working fine.  I am going to 
test in a second on a MPEG1 clip out of curiosity.  But reading mpeg2 seems 
fine.  I just need to implant this code in someone's muxer :)  Right now it 
tells a lot of details about the frames such as whether it's progressive, 
interlaced, pulldown-on-playback etc.

The problem is how to mux this.  I think the GOP header should go with the 
I-frame in a single block.  Also, there are repeated sequence headers before 
most GOPs.  We can stick these with the I frame as well.  The decoders should 
have no problem with this.  The frames are in coding order.  And the problem 
comes here:  Some frames in MPEG2 video actually decode to 2 frames on 
playback to produce a 3:2 pulldown.  I can detect these frames with my code 
but how do we timestamp them.  I will be on IRC tomorrow (Thursday) at aroun 
9am my time.  I think I am GMT-7 but not sure about that ;)

/me goes to check that mpeg1 stream.

IT WORKS!!!! W00T!!!!  MPEG1 is packetized too :O


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