[Matroska-devel] Re: Will VLC be the first player on win32 to support embedded vobsub's in MKV ?

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Wed Oct 29 13:49:28 CET 2003

Thanks  Sigmund,

 for your precious input on this issue in our IRC channel yesterday. You 
suggested to demux the vobsub tracks from their MPEG Program Stream to 
save overhead and make the hadnling in VLC simpler. Here a copy of the 
channel log from this morning, self explaining i guess :

<MosuSleeping> chris: i'm off to uni now, but i managed to get the mpeg 
ps parser into mkvmerge
<MosuSleeping> results:
<MosuSleeping> overhead is about 69% (!)
<MosuSleeping> the overhead of mpeg ps + the buffer filling to the 2048 
byte boundaries

69% overhead reduction  !! This means we can now mux a vobsub track of 
about 4 MB into MKV with only 2 MB additional filesize for a complete 
track !

Thanks, we will provide you soon with new samples

matroska project admin

Sigmund Augdal wrote:

>>I sent them to thedj ( hartman AT videolan.org  ) ... will resend the 
>>email to you now ...
>I got the links from thedj and gave it a little shot yesterday, but so far
>no go. Is there some extra packaging, or some special case for timing?
>Anyway, I'll have a look at the docs another day if not someone beat me to
>the goal.

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