[Matroska-devel] Vobsub in MKV .... Mosu has it working, Toff is updating Gabest's splitter, but where is Gabest to help with updating vsfilter :O ??

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Oct 17 21:24:48 CEST 2003

Liisachan wrote:

> Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
>> Cheers guys,
>> Mosu has vobsub muxing into MKV done
> Great news! Long-waited things, and I'd bet many ppl are too lazy to OCR
> even in Europe, and will welcome that.

Thats a killer !!! Good bye OGM ..... LOL .....farewell NUT ..... LMAO 
..... ;) ....

>> While Toff has done a great job lately to update the splitter filter 
>> on the Guliverkli homepage, sending a patch to Gabest, i have no 
>> doubts he
>> can add the mapping of the new codec IDs to the splitter in no time (
>> maybe its done already ? ), but how can we motivate Gabest to update
>> vsfilter so it can play embedded vobsubs ?
>> Can anybody drive to Hungary and separate Gabest and his new GF, at
>> least temporarily  :D :D ??? ( he keeps telling us its a new job, but i
>> dont believe him :P ... ) .....
> Well, a guy from "PC Japan"( a major paper magazine
> in japan --> http://www.zdnet.co.jp/magazine/pcjapan/ )
> has just asked me to write something about Matroska, like 6 pages
> for the next issue of their magazine, which will be on sale on 
> 13.nov.2003 

:O :O !!!! 6 pages !!!!!!! Oh my God !!  Can i copy this on the CHIP 
guys .. they just gave us 1/12 of a page ;) ....

> If matroska/vsfilter supports SUB+IDX very soon, like in 7 days,
> I can add about SUB+IDX supports and in that case
> I promise I'll write "This filter is developed by Gabest, a godlike 
> person,
> we all have to thank him" in Japanese :D 

Just do it, write its possible right now, because Gabest is a real 
gentleman and he can not risk that your reputation gets damaged, so he 
has to code it :P ...

> Or else, I might write "SUB will be supported very soon,
> but the developer in charge, Gabest, is now too busy because of his 
> new gf!"
> ;)

Hehehehehe ... yeah, great plan, do that :D !


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