[Matroska-devel] seekhead/info

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Fri Nov 28 09:26:46 CET 2003


> is seekhead mandatory in a stream?

No (Pamel is not correct). However, if one is not present you're "free"
to do what you think is better: implement some imprecise seeking, try to
find all clusters and additional level 1 elements yourself, disable

Of course you should try hard to enable seeking for such files as well
;) It's just like Ogg in this case ;)

> And is order of these elements in an EBML stream fixed (i.e., is
> seekhead + info always the first two masters in an matroska segment)?

Partially. Here's the link to the discussion we had and the current
status quo:

Read 4). This means that a KaxInfo can come before or after a
KaxSeekHead, meaning you have to defer the calculation of timecodes
until you've found the KaxInfo (and with it the timecode scale
factor). Easy to do.

But this has to be added to the specs soon. I hope I can work on the
specs tonight or this weekend, including the issues that Pamel mentioned
in his other mail.

 ==> Ciao, Mosu (Moritz Bunkus)

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