[Matroska-devel] Re: MKV menus

Pamel paul at msn.com
Tue Nov 25 21:58:56 CET 2003

"Rob Saunders" wrote...
> Hi,


>     I am new to this list/group so I deeply appologise if this is an
> exhausted topic or anything, but I was wondering if there's been any work
> done in the spec about menus in matroska?

All that has been done so far is discussion of possible methods.  Nothing
concrete has been decided on.  Well, nothing even like jello has been decided
on.  Just discussion.

>     I know it's far too much to expect any implementations to have been
> attempted so far - but I'd like to read any documentation that has been
> done?

The only documentation is the messages posted in this mailing list.  Feel free
to browse here:

> I tried looking through the spec but couldn't find much. My
> understanding is that they will be similar to how dvd menus work?

Thats what we hope.  Before the project was split from MCF, there was a menu
system defined.  It was pretty effective, but didn't allow for any of the
fancier stuff defined in DVD menus.  Really, it would be nice to have a simple
menu system that was easy to design and use that didn't require so much
developement to bring it into a useable state.  But everyone wants the fancy
stuff used with DVD menus so that is what was being discussed more.

> I assume
> there will be some kind of subsystem independant from the matroska container
> itself?

That is what I was pushing for.  If the menu system can be portable and used in
other formats then it has a greater chance of taking off.

> (SVG perhaps?)

SVG has been mentioned.  Also Flash, HTML, MNG, the MP4 Menuing system, and
others.  There are many different options to be looked at and all of them have
Pros and Cons.  Using an existing system makes the most sense because it reduces
development time by providing already made libraries.  Also, you want something
that can't require any licensing fees as that would defeat one of the purposes
of Matroska.

There are two stages for making the Menus:

1. Design the spec.  This isn't really that hard once a format is chosen and
somebody has the time to write it all down.

2. Coding a library.  This is where it grinds to a halt.  Noone even wants to
design the spec because noone in their right mind would volunteer to code a
complex menuing library.  It would have to work in DirectShow as that is the
most common userbase, and WMP9 can't even get decent DVD menu support in
DirectShow.  And the more complex the menu system, the more difficult the coding
of the libraries would be.

If you are feeling so inclined, you could write up a spec and send it to the ML
for comment.  And if you are even more daring you could code an interface
library.  Any help or ideas here would be greatly appreciated.


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