[Matroska-devel] FLAC in Matroska

Gabest gabest at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 18 21:22:58 CET 2003

Sorry about my two previous emails being late. I didn't notice my smtp was
down, and now that I've just reinstalled it, it sent all my queued up mails
out at once :)

FLAC was already tested and working, no need for samples.

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> > I've finished my FLAC-in-Matroska support and updated the Codec specs
> > page. Gabest and Toff, could you please update your filter accordingly?
> > Thanks.
> I could do it today, but I need to test it then. Could you upload a sample
> to your web site?
> > If 2) can be changed then I don't see the need to use the A_MS/ACM
> > compatibility mode - you should them aim for A_FLAC. But I don't know
> > anything about these DShow matters ( = who has to change what...).
> Hehe, yea, dshow matters. A question to jcsston: What does the splitter
> to send the decoder in the media type and in the samples exactly? I
> tried your decoder yet, actually I've just found out one existed made by
> :)
> > Happy end of the weekend.
> Doh, it's moday 8:06, I'm already late :)
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