[Matroska-devel] Re: [mpc-devel] Re: [mpc-general] Protocol of my 2+ hrs telephone conversation with Frank Klemm

Michel Lespinasse walken at zoy.org
Mon Nov 17 07:54:57 CET 2003

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 11:47:24PM +0100, Jo?l Bourquard wrote:
> Some reasons:
> - Speed (ok, Huffman codes take some effort to decode, but MDCT is
> by far the most expensive process). Optimizations to Huffman
> decoding can be done, while MDCT is kind of irreductible.

MDCT can be quite fast too. Maybe not as fast as subband coding, but
still. A god implementation can go quite faster than a naive one.

Look at my AC3 decoding library at http://liba52.sf.net. Right now
decoding performance is that for a stream coded as 5.1 channels, 384
kbit/s, decoding on a 400 mhz celeron (mendocino) takes about 5.3% of
CPU time, or if we downmix to 2 channels (which can be done before the
imdct stage), 3.2%.

> Since the framing structure is cleaner in SV8, complexity should not be
> a problem (the only additional work is in a lossless SV7->SV8
> converter). I guess the inter-frame limitations can be sorted out during
> SV7->SV8 conversion.

I have to say the SV8 bitstream format is quite neat.

This kind of consideration is the main reason why I never implemented
an mp3 decoder - their bit format is just way too ugly. Layers 1 and 2
are nice and simple (even if suboptimal).


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