[Matroska-devel] Overhead comparison FLAC in MKA, created with jcsston's FLAC encoder filter

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Nov 10 15:50:50 CET 2003


here a few overhead comparisons on a MKA file made with Jory's FLAC 
encoder filter and matroskamuxer filter on Graphedit :

Source file :                    682 MB

FLAC ( level 5 ) :           409 MB
OggFLAC ( level 5 ) :    413 MB
MKA Flac ( level ? ) :    438 MB

Any explanations why overhead is so much worse than for OggFLAC ? Do we 
use lacing in matroskamuxer on DirectShow ? Any news from Gabest about 
using the new lacing sheme in an updated version of matroska muxer filter ?

I still wonder if its a wise thing to treat FLAC as a normal ACM codec 
in conjunction with A_MS/ACM .

@jcsston, gabest : any chances of uniting efforts to define a new 
MEDIASUBTYPE for connecting FLAC encoder filter to matroskamuxer, so 
that a native codec ID was used and an efficient lacing sheme ?


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