[matroska-devel] Re: the road to 1.0 and beyond

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Thu Jun 26 00:56:41 CEST 2003

Mike Melanson wrote:
>>or try to rebuild/finish UCI starting from a powerful existing API such 
>>as a Xine or FFMPEG plugin API. We had thoughts to use the Gstreamer 
>>plugin API for that, but its hardly possible without having Gstreamer as 
>>complete framework underlying, so this is not an option.
> 	Personally, I think ffmpeg/libavcodec is a much more appropriate
> choice for a universal codec API. I would like to see all of xine's
> present decoders moved there (in fact, I am moving in that direction) to
> facilitate cross-project collaboration.
> 	-Mike Melanson

This is exactly the idea behind that all, to make it easier to use 
opensource codecs from opensource apps.

Some questions here Mike :

- would this API be usable for audio also, or only for video ( dont know 
libavcodec too well, sorry ) ?

- you talk about decoders, but what about encoders ? I assume libavcodec 
has encoders coming with it also ?

- most important question : is there any chance to use the libavcodec 
API on other platforms than Linux ? If so, what were the conditions to 
make it work ?

Thanks for a quick answer


P.S. Pete 'Suxendrol' from the XviD team told me about an extension to 
the VfW API he has planned to allow more advanced features that current 
VCM codec API doesnt allow, but then again we had only a solution for 
Windows, and not a real x-platform opensource API ..... what do you all 
think ?


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