[matroska-devel] Matroska Website additions

Pamel paul at msn.com
Tue Jun 24 08:41:32 CEST 2003

There has been a lot of updates to the Matroska homepage in CVS recently.
There has been a dropdown box added to pick the page style that you want to
use for the website as we all seem to have different tastes.  There has also
been some links added to the top to take you to different language sites.
Currently, the only translations are in Spanish from Diego.  Christian has
already said that he will do a German translation, and there are promises of
Portuguese coming.  I am hoping that we can count on Liisachan for a
Japanese translation, but I need to ask.  That leaves French as the main
developer language without a translation volunteer.

We haven't updated the Homepage in CVS to the external page yet as we want
to make sure that everything is working properly.  (I know its not how we
usually do things :)  Please take the time to look the pages over and offer
any suggestions you can think of.  Also feel free to begin translations of
other pages.  If you do not have CVS access, then you can email me the
translated pages to Paul at MSN dot Com, and include the word "Matroska" in
the subject line.




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