[matroska-devel] Re: RealVideo and RealAudio CodecID Proposal

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Jun 24 00:53:58 CEST 2003


its ok from my side. just one note :

If atrac from Real needs a special way to be initialized than on 
mini-Discs ( i expect that ), just go for


in this case, no need to really save codec IDs, we can use a few 
billions if we want to and here in this case i think it makes sense to 
put it into the /real/ class clearly


Jory wrote:

>I'm planning on using the following CodecID's for the different media type
>in RealMedia
>For DNET : RealAudio 3.0, really it's AC3 in swapped-byteorder (acording to
>the mplayer sources)
>For SIPR : SiproLab's audio codec, (ACELP decoder working in MPlayer?)
>For COOK/COKR : Real Cooker -> RealAudio G2
>For ATRC : RealAudio 8 (ATRAC3), Could be used for audio from MiniDisc
>rv10 : RealVideo 1.0 aka RealVideo 5 (H.263 based, working in mplayer with
>libavcodec's decoder, possible to use ffdshow for Windows?)
>rv20 : RealVideo G2 and RealVideo G2+SVT
>rv30 : RealVideo 8
>rv40 : RealVideo 9
>Any thoughts?
>Jory Stone
>jcsston at toughguy.net
>Matroska, the new, extensible open standard A/V container format


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