[matroska-devel] Re: interested in helping out

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Jun 12 11:04:32 CEST 2003

Damien Biggs wrote:

>I like the idea of matroska as avi is a bit old now. My experience is mainly with java. What would you need done in java?

Hi Damien,

there were ideas to port libebml and libmatroska to native java, but 
this is a lot of work, and i guess you needed to understand the C++ code 
from robux4 to do so. Our team member spyder had plans to do this, but 
he is more into C++ now, and doesnt do a lot with java anymore ;)

Making a JMF plugin for matroska, for both playback and file creation, 
could be an interesting task, maybe based on the C++ lib as a kind of 
wrapper, but for sure also a lot of work. We had plans also for a kind 
of file repair tool, also using the C++ lib, and the nice thing about 
this being in java was that it could be used x-platform, and for a file 
repair tool there are no time performance/constraints that could be 

The purpose of suhc a tool was to :

- scan a file for so called EDC / ECC elements in the MKV file ... 
simply by searching for the corresponding tag type of these elements ( 
not defined yet )

- check and reconstruct the content of the block/header, based with the 
information in the EDC / ECC element

- If this is working fine, there were plans to add such EDC /ECC 
elements to existing mkv files, such increasing file size by a couple of 
MBs, but thus the file could safely be used on mode2 form2 CDs ( XCD ), 
as it has its own protection 'embedded' in the file, especially for the 
important stuff like

- main header
- track headers
- CUE sheets

so the file can be played in any case ....

Interesting for you ?



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