[matroska-devel] Quality Products

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Jun 5 09:56:20 CEST 2003

Hi everyone (especially developpers),

It seems that recently the quality of the code we have produced (including
myself) has decreased and has been less tested.
Yesterday I wanted to release a new DSF as we have a cleaner seeking method
and somehow better Vorbis support. But it was impossible since now Test2 is
very jerky (even on m XP-2400+ so it's not a CPU speed problem).
We also realised that :
- the Unicode support is broken from the beggining. It means that will which
contains Unicode strings probably have wrong "escaped" characters...
- the KaxVideoFramerate, which was informational only (ie not necessary for
playback), has been used by Cyrius and Mosu as a vital information for
playback. I understand that it's because of the _dated_ design of the tools
they work with. But now we have to support this element in all produced
files. I will not put back this element in the specs (now that we have a
more decent solution) but I will keep the element in the library for
backward compatibility.

What does it all mean ? We have to be more carefull with the code we make
and the code we release...
We should not release any tools using libmatroska until all these problems
are addressed !!!

I'll take the time needed tonight try to fix all 3 problems (I may have
forgotten other problems). Starting with introducing the Unicode support
under Windows (I hope Mosu can make the UNIX version), addition of the
TimeSlice system + modification of KaxVideoFramerate (writing impossible)
and try to track this jerky problem in the DSF + possible resource leak
(which makes closing TCMP in debug mode stalled) + memory use growing when
stopping playback to dangerous/strange values.


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