[Matroska-devel] Uncompressed video

Lasse Kärkkäinen tronic at trn.iki.fi
Mon Jul 28 21:04:33 CEST 2003

'lo all.

I suggest using the following format names:

   Simple greyscale; uint8 values, where 0=black, 0xFF=white, ordering is
   from top-left of the image to top-right, then to the bottom.

   Same ordering as with Grey8. Red value is first, then green and blue,
   no padding byte (ie. no 32 bits per pixel, just 24).

   Same ordering as with Grey8. First pixel Y first, then U for it and
   the next pixel, second pixel Y, then V for the these two pixels.
   Width must be multiple of two.

   Grey8 Y pane, followed by U pane with half resolution in vertical
   and horizontal direction, then followed by V pane with half resolution
   in each direction.
   Width and height must be multiple of two.

All "comes first" sentences assume big-endian byte ordering.

(others could be added on request, if someone actually DOES need 'em 
(adding one because it is nice to have everything is a bad idea IMO), 
and if they differ from these with something else than byte ordering)

This would make the format naming system directly compatible with MCF.

- Tronic -

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