[Matroska-devel] Re: Fwd: RE: about matroska support in XMPEG/FlaskMPEG/Adobe Premiere

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Jul 28 16:20:23 CEST 2003

Hi Eric,

just a quick hello from my side to you, if you need any kind of advice 
or info for the matroska plugin, just gimme a shout.

About matroska ( http://www.matroska.org )  :

Its open standard / open source, license is dual GPL/QPL, but as the lib 
is mainly written from one man we can easily license commercial apps 
also, including hardware companies planning to support it in 
standalones. The core of matroska is a kin of binary version of XML, we 
called it EBML and made it an opensource project of its own ( 
http://sf.net/projects/ebml ), and were meanwhile informed that 2 other 
projects adapted EBML for their purposes ( being completely unrelated ). 
The idea behind is is to have a flexible framework for matroska, that 
allows to adapt/extend the format easily for the future, without 
breaking backwards compatibility, a bit similar to 'atoms' in MP4, but 
much more powerful. We have been bashed a lot for not having built 
matroska on top of Ogg, but we feel our solution is much better. The 
only real competitor to matroska is MP4 IMHO, and we have our focus on 
editability and flexibility, while MP4 has advantages with respect to 

The container currently supports

Every VCM codec ( DivX, XviD, HuffYuv, WMV9 VCM, 3ivX, ON2 VP3/4/5 , etc. )
Every ACM codec
MPEG4 ISO Simple Profile
MPEG4 ISO Simple Advanced Profile ( not via VCM codec, requires linked 
DLL, as we dont accept b-frame hackery like packed bitsream in this 
'native' mode )
RV9 ( Real Video )
RA9 Real Audio ( Cook, ATRAC, etc. )
SRT text subtitles ( UTF8, even from different codec pages )
SSA/ASS text subtitles

Next to come :

FLAC lossless compressed audio ( for capturing )
RLE compressed picture subs ( vobsub from DVDs )
USF subs
lzo compressed picture subs ( 1:10 compared to RLE )
Ogg Theora video
flexible EDC/ECC(FEC) elements for enhanced file protection ( mode2 
form2 burning )

matroska files can contain any number of timestamp based 
video/audio/subs tracks and be of arbitrary file size, one team member 
has successfully captured a 14 hrs 80 GB file using the DShow matroska 
muxer filter and a Pinnacle DC10+ capture card.

Available tools are :

libmatroska/libebml : the main libs, written in C++ 
VirtualdubMod :  Creating and editing of matroska files, even with 
multiple audio and subs streams ; http://sf.net/projects/virtualdubmod
MKVtoolnix : CLI based matroska muxer for Linux and win32 called 
mkvmerge, and mkvinfo to find out about MKV files
DirectShow parser filters ( we have 2 of them ;) ) - the better one is 
on http://sf.net/projects/guliverkli and called matroska splitter , made 
by Gabest the VobSub author
DirectShow muxer filter, also by Gabest, same page, called matroska muxer
A DirectShow based Mediaplayer called 'The Core Media Player' coming 
with special matroska support ( tags, etc. ), on http://www.corecoded.com
Videolan Player VLC with matroska support  http://videolan.org
mplayer , Linux Mediaplayer ... can be compiled with matroska support, 
libebml/libmatroska 0.5.0 or newer from CVS is required http://mplayerhq.hu
Gentoo support, available in the official Gentoo packages
Matroska shell extension for win32 ... to be released 4th august
GUI, based on wxWindows for both Linux and win32, for mkvmerge  - not 
released yet, hopefully beta until 4th august also
Gstreamer playback plugin for matroska, soon a muxer plugin also 
CoreAAC, CoreVorbis : DirectShow decoders for AAC and Vorbis, for use 
with matroska DShow splitter/parser filters ; 
http://corecodec.org/projects/coreaac and corevorbis

CHIP, the 2nd biggest PC magazine in Germany will include all those 
tools in the September issue, any chance we could get our hands on an 
alpha version of the plugin until then ?

I would like to invite you to visit us on our developers IRC channel on 
irc.corecodec.com #matroska , we could give you perfect support for the 
XMPEG plugin there, or alternatively you could send all your questions 
to me or to the developer mailing list ( see cc. above ).

Best regards


Selur wrote:

> Hier mal letzte mail die ich von Eric bekommen habe,..
> Cu Selur
> ------- Forwarded message -------
> From: "Chauvet, Eric" <eric.chauvet at intel.com>
> To: <selur at flaskmpeg.info>
> Subject: RE: about matroska support,...
> Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:04:57 +0200
>> See comments below.
>> Regards,
>>     Eric.
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>> From: Selur [mailto:selur at flaskmpeg.info] Sent: 28 July 2003 12:14
>> To: Chauvet, Eric
>> Subject: Re: about matroska support,...
>>> And if the plugin is compatible Adobe Premiere and stable, it can be 
>>> distributed in XMPEG package... If the plugin have to be adapted for 
>>> Adobe Premiere, let me know. I can do that quickly at home.
>> Okay, so you are still interested ;) (happy to her that)
>>> What's that -> flaskmpeg.info?
>> The main page is the official german Flaskmpeg page. The message board
>> of the page is the official german flaskmpeg and DVDtoOgm (it's an 
>> delphi application that does DVD to ogm/mkv conversions) message 
>> board. Since Xmpeg is 'kind of' like Flaskmpeg we also offer support 
>> for it. (Btw.
>> the german language pack is from one of our moderators (Jensenmanm))
>> --> Interresting. I'll take a look on your site to understand the
>> advantage of these new formats.
>> About my person:
>> I'm one of the admins of the board (also moderator in the german 
>> doom9 board), studying computer science and always doing some beta 
>> testing for
>> different applications/codecs around video decoding and encoding.
>> -------
>> Since you kind of mentioned that you are interested in general to
>> support other output formats in Xmpeg I contacted ChristianHJW 
>> (christian at matroska.org ) an spoke with him about a SDK, an API or 
>> something similiar.
>> --> Let's have a look on it. It can be very interresting to start
>> innovating with matroska.
>> He told me that they got an API (and some non official tools, not in the
>> cvs) for this, and I should contact you and inform me if you are 
>> still interested. ;)
>> --> Yes. Please tell him to integrate this new format in a Adobe
>> Premiere plugin. I'm the specialist to work around it. In this way,
>> matroska will become available for any Adobe Premiere like software
>> (XMPEG, FlasKMPEG, DVDx,...)
>> So since you are I'll contact Chris and tell him you are. :)
>> Hopefully he'll send me some more infos I can forward to you. If you
>> like you could contact him by yourself, don't how good it's french 
>> is, but if
>> I remember right some of the matroska developers are french, the 
>> language shouldn't be a problem at all. (my own french is very rosted 
>> ;) )
>> --> He can contact me directly to my E-Mail : developpeu at mp3guest.com to
>> have some discution about this work.
>> So if you like to contact him, you could do, or you just wait till I
>> wrote him and he send me some informations I can forward to you.
>> --> ...
>> Cu Selur

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