[Matroska-devel] Re: Seeking ogg-vorbis

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jul 23 04:10:21 CEST 2003

On what platforms are you ( both recording and playback ) ? matroska 
container is timestamp based, if you start recording at timestamp 
0:00.00.000 h ( in ns ) at every morning , you can easily jump to what 
was happening at 16:30 h by seeking the CUE table for this timestamp. 
Our DirectShow filter should allow to jump to a specifictime even after 
a small modification, with a  specific player ( we know the MPC guy and 
the TCMP guys ( http://corecoded.com ) . Let me know if we can  help.


Rodrigo Gómez wrote:

> Hi Christian.
> Thanks for the quick reply.
> This is my first time in this audio-related projects, so I'm a totally 
> newbie here.
> What do you mean here? Not using ogg but another container? Is this 
> easy? As I said, I have the recording engine working, and it was more 
> or less painless. The problem here, as almost any developer, is that 
> I'm in a deadline... the sales people has actually started to sell 
> this :-|... They will never understand, I guess. :)
> I don't know if this is easy to do, but I need something like Winamp 
> does. You can jump to a specific time in the file, no matter how long 
> is it.
> I didn't mentioned this in the ng, but I only need to specify the 
> start time, and, if the user wants to move to another time, the 
> decoder will stop, and it will start as if it was the first time.
> Thanks!
> Rodrigo Gómez
> At 12:52 a.m. 23/07/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>> Rodrigo Gómez wrote:
>>> Hi there.
>>> I have been hearing to ogg vorbis for maybe 2 years and I can only 
>>> say: it
>>> is fantastic!
>>> Right now, I'm working in a project that uses ogg vorbis as the 
>>> format for
>>> recording. I have now a working recording engine (I have recorded up 
>>> to 8
>>> channels at the same time and my computer uses only about 30% of the
>>> processor, wich is great in this project), and I'm starting with the 
>>> playing
>>> engine.
>>> I have seen the examples, but they are somewhat "simplistic" (no 
>>> mean to
>>> offense anybody!). I need to solve the following scheme:
>>>     - The files I'm playing represent up to 24 hours of
>> You may want to consider storing your Vorbis streams in another 
>> container with enhanced seeking via CUE tables ?
>> Christian
>> http://www.matroska.org

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