[Matroska-devel] codec API

nicolas rududuvideocodec at ifrance.com
Sat Jul 19 18:44:03 CEST 2003


Some days ago there was a discution about the new API to be able to use 
all the new Matroska features.
Here is what Ronald Bultje said :


    PS Christian, you've asked me to come up with a document, I'll try to do
    that in the course of this week. Give me a few days, I have a job, too.
    . I'll take some ideas from the list and mix them together with some
    of my own.


I am planning to release a version 1.0 of Rududu codec as soon as 
possible. This version will be for vfw and will not be able to use B 
frames. But contrary to what I have said before, I will implement B 
frames in Rududu. This will come after the 1.0 release.
So I am interrested in moving to a new API/file format able to handle B 
frames (and multiple refs for the future).
As pamel said in this thread 
there are solutions to put Rududu encoded datas in Matroska, but I'm 
looking for a more clean and definitive solution.

So I would like to see if something as been done for this API and if I 
can help giving my point of view of codec developper. I could probably 
help more, but I'm not an experienced developper and I don't know 
anything about API creation.

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