[matroska-devel] Re: UCI, matroska and rududu wavelet codec

Kimmo kimmo at poispakkoruotsi.com
Thu Jan 30 18:35:15 CET 2003

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Subject: [matroska-devel] Re: UCI, matroska and rududu wavelet codec

> >3. As you may be aware we plan to move the matroska project to corecodec,
an opensource community focussed on audio/video compression. Could you
consider to go opensource with oyur codec one day and join this community
with it ?
> >
> My codec could become opensource one day, but I am not realy aware of
> the legal issue, mainly about the patents of some algo I use (and I
> don't know if I have the right) and about the new ones I'm making (and I
> don't want a guy uses the source to patent them).

XviD also has patents, but it's out of pays because general public
distribution is only the source code, and it's not covered by patents but
compiled version is. Anyone couldn't patent a thing which has been in
general use for a long time I think.


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