[matroska-devel] Re: UCI, matroska and rududu wavelet codec

nicolas rududuvideocodec at ifrance.com
Thu Jan 30 17:46:32 CET 2003

Hi Christian, Hi all !

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

>as i know the author of the rududu wavelet codec is subscribed to this list, i wanted to ask him a few questions using this mailing list :
>1. Does your wavelet codec work well via a normal VfW interface ? We are all aware that VfW will only support  
>one frame in / one frame out
>concept, and i was wondering if this is a limitation for the efficiency of your codec ? I seem to remember that you told me that right now you are only doing the wavelet on a complete frame, what would mean no limits in this respect, but do you have any plans for the future development of your codec where you think VfW will fail ?
For the moment, my codec work well with the VfW interface, and I don't 
think I will have to face the one frame in / one frame out issue because 
I don't want to use B frame or 3D wavelet (but this could change). In 
the futur I plan to use long term motion compensation and I could have a 
problem if I reference a frame before the last key frame : I mean this 
could introduce two types of key frames :
1) A key frame that you can decode alone, but some future frames in the 
stream reference a frame before this key frame (false key frame)
2) A key frame that you can decode alone and no reference is made to the 
past of this frame (true key frame)
This pb could be handled saying to the interface that the false key 
frames are P frames, but you lose a chance to give a fast look to the file.

>2. Could you pls. post the latest working binaries to this list as attachement, or a link to it, so we could test the codec ? Does it work in Virtualdub right now ?
The latest working benaries are on rududu's website : 
There are a lot of limitations with this binaries and some bugs in the 
color conversion. I have no newer "working benaries" realy working. And 
yes it work in virtualdub and you could be sure it will always work on 
vdub as I use it to debug.

>3. As you may be aware we plan to move the matroska project to corecodec, an opensource community focussed on audio/video compression. Could you consider to go opensource with oyur codec one day and join this community with it ?
My codec could become opensource one day, but I am not realy aware of 
the legal issue, mainly about the patents of some algo I use (and I 
don't know if I have the right) and about the new ones I'm making (and I 
don't want a guy uses the source to patent them).

>Thanks for your answers
Thanks for your interrest to my codec


ps : pour les quelques français de cette liste, où habitez-vous ?
Moi c'est vers Grenoble

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