[matroska-devel] UCI, matroska and rududu wavelet codec

Christian HJ Wiesner christian at matroska.org
Thu Jan 30 16:17:44 CET 2003


as i know the author of the rududu wavelet codec is subscribed to this list, i wanted to ask him a few questions using this mailing list :

1. Does your wavelet codec work well via a normal VfW interface ? We are all aware that VfW will only support  

one frame in / one frame out

concept, and i was wondering if this is a limitation for the efficiency of your codec ? I seem to remember that you told me that right now you are only doing the wavelet on a complete frame, what would mean no limits in this respect, but do you have any plans for the future development of your codec where you think VfW will fail ?

2. Could you pls. post the latest working binaries to this list as attachement, or a link to it, so we could test the codec ? Does it work in Virtualdub right now ?

3. As you may be aware we plan to move the matroska project to corecodec, an opensource community focussed on audio/video compression. Could you consider to go opensource with oyur codec one day and join this community with it ?

Thanks for your answers



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