[matroska-devel] Re: Spyder's changes to libmatroska ... upload to CVS ?

John Cannon spyder482 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 29 15:13:41 CET 2003

> First I have to verify that the code spyder did is OK. I hope the
> ones are in a separate file and have a proper parent/context :) If this is
> case, that's great (and a good way to save me from doing it ;).

I sure hope so.  I think I used the right parent/context :)  Iand they are
in a separate file(InfoData.h and .cpp I think).  I hope you can use these.
The only problem I had on some of them was figuring out what all I needed to
add to the class definitons. All of the binary elements are the same so if
something is wrong in one let me know and I'll fix them all.

> So far the defined elements are EBML basics, some EBML globals, Segment,
> Informations, Cluster, most of Tracks and Attachements. That means we will
> missing Chapters, Meta Seek (important) and Cueing data (important).
> > I just find it great that there is so much progress on the project
> > lately, and thought it would be an excellent motivation for John when
> > his work is being well respected from the chief developer !

> Sure, the architecture is not document so far. And might be a bit hard to
> understand from scracth. Hopefully spyder already coded an EBML parser so
he has
> a good background.

Maybe...I'm still trying to figure some of it out.   Maybe Thursday we can
talk and you can clear some things up for me.



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