[matroska-devel] Re: Spyder's changes to libmatroska ... upload to CVS ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Jan 29 13:47:45 CET 2003

En réponse à ChristianHJW <christian.hj.wiesner at web.de>:

> Hi Steve,
> will you upload spyder's changes ( track entry elements ) to CVS tonight
> or do you want to wait until more elements are finished before updating
> CVS ?

Mmm, that could be a good behaviour to post working code on CVS everyday (code
is produced). So that an outside person of the project can keep up with the
sources (you never know who is anymously downloading the sources).

First I have to verify that the code spyder did is OK. I hope the Information
ones are in a separate file and have a proper parent/context :) If this is the
case, that's great (and a good way to save me from doing it ;).

So far the defined elements are EBML basics, some EBML globals, Segment,
Informations, Cluster, most of Tracks and Attachements. That means we will be
missing Chapters, Meta Seek (important) and Cueing data (important).

> I just find it great that there is so much progress on the project
> lately, and thought it would be an excellent motivation for John when
> his work is being well respected from the chief developer !

Sure, the architecture is not document so far. And might be a bit hard to
understand from scracth. Hopefully spyder already coded an EBML parser so he has
a good background.

> Actually i have no idea if Moritz or Cyrius can do anything with
> libmatroska in its current state, but if they do something with it we
> should make sure they can get the latest version easily, and CVS is best
> for this purpose i guess.

So far you can't do anything with libmatroska. I have to find a clean way to
read/write elements from a parent element. I will work without the C wrapper for
the moment as it may need to be changed, to fit the extensibility of the format
(the possibility to add any known/unknown element at any level). It won't be a
problem for VDubMod as it uses the MCF(now matroska) classes. I don't know about
the DirectShow filter.

Maybe extensibility won't be handled at the C level (as you don't have class

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