[matroska-devel] Re: more questions about libmatroska & CVS

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Jan 26 20:53:29 CET 2003

Moritz Bunkus wrote:
> So... My next question is about the format in general. Does the format
> allow for sequential demultiplexing? The way Ogg works? Or does it
> require seeking (like AVI for its index)? I'm pretty sure that it won't
> need seeking because that makes streaming impossible, and you surely
> have thought about that.
> What I mean is an approach like Ogg. Here's how it works:
> 1. application reads data from a source (file, network, whatever)
> 2. application feeds that data to the Ogg library
> 3. the Ogg library buffers that data and returns whether or not it has
> enough to demultiplex a complete Ogg page
> 4. if not goto 1
> Is that possible for matroska? 

Well, as it has been already said, libmatroska uses a pull method (but 
on the application request) while here it sounds more like a push method 
(from the application) but the result (getting frames from various 
selected tracks) is the same (and therefore exists).


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