[matroska-devel] Re: libmatroska 0.0.2

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Jan 24 12:24:41 CET 2003

En réponse à Moritz Bunkus <moritz at bunkus.org>:

> Hi.
> > Ah, I see... Well in Windows people often do the opposite :
> > Right-Click->Extract to "libmatroska.v0.0.2" (based on the name of the
> archive)
> Then they can also do Right-Click->Extract to current dir (or
> something
> similar like that). About all Unix/Linux software uses the other
> approach, and I would also expect this behaviour under Windows. It's a
> matter of 'do not clutter the current dir with all your files'.

Yes, you also have the choice. But in the case I use, I have a real choice not
to have a dir name that is forced.
I know the .tar.gz usual convention is to have the dir embedded. So maybe the
sources should be in that format.

Anyway, the best way is to work from CVS (soon).

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