[matroska-devel] Job Proposal

ChristianHJW christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Tue Jan 21 13:10:07 CET 2003

CC : de_xt ( XCD developer ; mode 2 form 2 )


with the launching of libmatroska getting closer and Suiryc eager to link to it from VdubMod so we can start to create spec compliant matroska files, here is a job proposal for an important tool we need to be done within the next say 6 - 8 months. Scope of this tool is

1. Repair damaged matroska files
- seek for ECC elements in the file, restore protected content if possible
- rebuild index

2. Reorder Blocks according to time stamps, e.g. after the file was edited. This process can be described as 'hinting' also, as it may be a preparation step to be able to stream the file or to burn it onto disk.

3. Add additional EDC/ECC to a file to prepare it for mode 2 form 2 burning. User can define a max file size for that, typical is 795 MB ( max. mode2 form2 for a 80 mins CD ). The tool should
- scan the file
- indetify those areas that need the most protection
- insert EDC/ECC elements ( details about ECC to be clarified with Frank Klemm ) until the max file size is reached
- reorder/rewrite file to prepare for burning

Important : compliancy with actual XCD backup creator must be assured in any case !! If you are uncertain, double check with de_xt before implementing.

Supported OSes :  WinME/2k/XP, Linux/*nix, MacOS, BeOS ( OBOS )

Preferred Language : Delphi or Java 

Anybody reading this list interested in accepting the job ;-) ?? Of course, automatic transmuxing tools from OGM/OGG/AVI have higher priority :-D !




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