[matroska-devel] Re: 1. Vorbis and other Xiph codecs in matroska 2. Codec muxing description for every format ( recommendation ) to put on our website ?

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.wiesner at mahlo.com
Tue Jan 21 09:52:34 CET 2003


while this is a very good idea actually, with respect to their claim we are
not interested in a cooperation, i wonder if it was a wise thing to do in
the present situation ?

Best way was probably to email Monty directly, and to tell him how we are
planning to do it. An excuse had to be sent out front in the same email that
we have to bother him here ( as i understood Suiryc its normally technically
absolutely clear how it should be done ), but we wnated to inform him about
our plans so he can comment on them.

I would volunteer to send this email if anybody can provide me with a short,
but technically more founded description how we plan to handle it. Of course
i feel it would be much better if the responsible project manager ( Spyder,
Suiryc ? ) would contact him directly, as it may happen that my name is
causing negative reaction within XipH meanwhile, for whatever reason.

What you all think ?

"Pamel" <Paul at msn.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:<b0ii3g$cva$1 at main.gmane.org>...
> Has anyone bothered to ask Xiph how they think it should be done?
> Pamel


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