[matroska-devel] Re: 1. Vorbis and other Xiph codecs in matroska 2. Codec muxing description for every format ( recommendation ) to put on our website ?

John Cannon spyder482 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 21 04:27:15 CET 2003

I haven't yet discussed how to put the packets into Matroska.  First I
wanted to get the reading down.  I think that I can easily adapt Cyrius'
code into what I need.  I should only need to remove the AVI writing
portions and then modify the demuxing code to instead of writing out a new
file per stream, simply remux into a matroska file.  I haven't thought about
it until now but maybe Moritz Bunkus' ogmtools would be a more portable way
to start.

Anyway, about packet muxing, I just figured we could take the raw packets
and mux them in, leaving headers etc. for Vorbis and the other Ogg codecs.
For the DShow/VfW muxings, we can extract the frames and mux as if it were
AVI, setting the appropriate details in the matroska headers(No need for
duplicate info that will only need to be cut anyway).  As far as subtitles,
we can use a simple ASCII sub format to start and my transmuxer can simply
convert the timing.



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