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ChristianHJW christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Tue Jan 14 14:17:55 CET 2003

Hi mosu !

Thanks for showing by and offering help, we really appreciate it a lot !!

FYI : robux4 is always developing the libraries such that they will compile
in GCC also ( AFAIK ), so hopefully there will be no big need in helping to
port the library itself to Linux ( he may tell better i guess ).

Steve is busy with a big party now until 16th, after that he promised to
invest the rest of his precious vacation into finishing libmatroska ( thats
the spirit !!! ) . My original idea about your cooperation was to provide
you with a fully working and tested libmatroska, once we have finished our
alpha testing phase in a small circle of people, organized on 2 webboards :


Why a fully tested libmatroska ? Well, i was hoping to reduce your precious
time involved in this if we know for sure the lib is free of bugs. Of
course, if you are planning to join the project in a much earlier phase, you
are more than welcome !! It would be an excellent situation for us if the
lib was used on 2 different OSes from 2 completely different encoding/muxing
tools and players, because this would allow us to x-check if the API to
access the lib is clear and not subject to misunderstandings and errors.

Thank you so much Moritz, looking forward to hear your opinion on this.


BTW : all existing tools we are testing now ( VirtualdubMod from
Suiryc/Cyrius for creating/editing and myFUN/kromyx's DirectShow parser )
are based on an old version of libmcf that Steve wrote almost one year ago.
The files created with it are neither ressembling current MCF nor matroska,
its just used to test the basic functionality. Steve will hopefully clarify
in the next few days if any major changes about the API to access the lib
will be necessary/sensible, so i would wait for his reply before trying to
download libmcf from http://sf.net/projects/mcf , else you may loose a lot
of time playing with an outdated library.

Sites : http://matroska.org
Mailing lists : news://news.gmane.org
Soon : www.corecodec.com

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> Hello everyone,
> I just wanted to say 'hello'. I'm Moritz Bunkus, author of the Ogg
> Media tools for Linux (http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/ogmtools).
> A coulpe of days ago Christian asked me if I wanted to help developping
> Matroska tools/media player integration under Linux and I happily
> agreed. I can also help porting the libraries themselves to Linux. So
> far I don't know if someone else is already working on Linux (or Unix
> in general) support for the Libs so I'll lend a hand where necessary.
> --
>  ==> Ciao, Mosu (Moritz Bunkus)

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