[matroska-devel] @robux4 : API to access libmatroska

ChristianHJW christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Tue Jan 14 13:31:42 CET 2003

Hi Steve,

i know you are busy preparing your party for 16th ( BTW, i loaded some of
your mixes from the homepage you gave me, and i was very impressed !! ), so
feel free to answer this question after it.

Just wondered if you plan to make any major changes on the API ? Its
probably necessary, because what i understand from Suiryc he had to link to
old libmcf statically as the API didnt allow him to use the lib as he needs
to ( Suiryc, could you pls. be more precise here ? ).

It seems that some changes to the API are very well necessary ? Any more
defined plans or thoughts here, so the 'tool' developers around libmatroska
( mainly kromyx , Suiryc, maybe spyder ) can think about this a bit before
they will ge their hands on libmatroska ?

Sorry if this is too early to ask, i know some things always clear up
automatically on the process of making them, and not before :-D !!

BTW : dont forget to fix the broken lacing code from libmcf !
BTW2 : With this email you will see a lot of people being in the cc list
.... this is to inform all of you about the existing mail forwarders i
created for matroska.org in zonedit. If anybody feels he wnats another email
adress be used, or anybody or adress being added, gimme a shout ( Thanks
BlackSun for pointing me to zonedit.com  )



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